Cutting Table Cutting Table

Cutting Table (on request only)

Downdraft Dry Table:

  • The table is divided into several equal sections with doors and a main duct that sucks air down into the table.
  • Two doors are always open (the ones closest to the plasma tip).
  • The position of the cutting carriage determines which doors are opened.
  • The doors suck the smoke into the main exhaust duct that is part of the table.
  • Once in the duct, the smoke is directed into a filtration system.
  • The dry plasma cutting method can result in fire if the smoke goes directly into a filtration unit. It is therefore important to place an inertia module that eliminates the risk of causing a fire.

Water Table:

  • The plasma jet forces the smoke into the water and exit with the majority of its particle removed. But jumping sparks and melted material above the water can produce smoke that can be removed by the updraft system.

Updraft :

  • The system includes a hood that extract the smoke emitted by the plasma directly at the source.
  • The smoke is drawn into a plenum, a wheeled trolley on rails with a rubber mat poviding vacuum suction. It follows the cutting system and sucks up the smoke into the duct as it produced.
  • The smoke in the duct travels to the outside of the building in a filtration unit such as the Magna Pulse.

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