Downdraft Work Table Downdraft Work Table
Product Description
TAB-4×6 Downdraft Table of 4′x6′ size
TAB-4×6-TR Downdraft Table of 4′x6′ size with drawers 

Downdraft Work Table (on request only)


  • The cover panels provide better suction where the work takes place.
  • Table size can be customized upon client request.
  • Table can be connected to a fan for evacuation or a filtration unit to recycle air for energy savings.
  • Slats are installed for easy replacement due to wear ans tear. Spare slats available on demand.
  • Slats and their support are not painted to provide a good electrical contact.
  • A clip is available to connect the plasma grounding.

Optional Drawers

  • Dust and cutting debris can be easily removed using the drawers, so the inside of the table can be cleaned without removing the slats.


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