Product Description
MC-2000 MC-2000
MC-2000-BC MC-2000 with optional capture arm
MC-2000-AN-M MC-2000 with optional push-button self-cleaning system
MC-2000-AN-A MC-2000 with optional timer activated self-cleaning system

MC-2000 with optional capture arm and push-button self-cleaning system


MC-2000 with optional capture arm and timer activated self-cleaning system

Mobile Filtration Unit– MC-2000


  • Ideal for cutting with abrasive wheel saw
  • 11 ga steel plate casing
  • Baked electrostatic blue paint finish
  • Filter 13.8″ Ø X 26″, 80% cellulose & 20% polyester with fire retardant coating (FIL-8020-FR) and 99.5% efficiency between 0.2μ and 2μ
  • Pressure gauge indicating filter status
  • Easy to change filter
  • Silent operation
  • Rugged 4″ wheels, one with a brake
  • Front handles for easy transport
  • Size 21″ x 32″ x 42″ / 300 lbs
  • Fan (MV11-120) 120 V / 1 Phase / 60Hz
    1 HP / 800 CFM @ 1″ of water
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada
  • One year parts warranty


  •  6″Ø Aluminum Duct
  • 10′ Length
  • Rotating support
  • Aluminum inner structure
  • Joints fitted with springs and brakes for precise nozzle position
  • High temperature flexible duct
  • Nozzle with a handle
  • 100% Spunbond nonwoven polyester
  • Can be washed in water
  • 99.93% efficiency between 0.2μ and 2μ
  • Improves performance during use, creating fewer sparks
  • Chemical adsorption of odours and contaminants that are not filtered by the main filter when welding aluminum and galvanized steel
  • Design enables uniform exposure of the air to the carbon filter
  • Filter size 12” x 24” x 8” (CHAR-1224)
  • Automatic timer or push-button activated system
  • Pulse-jet compressed air cleaning system to remove dust on the filter wall
  • Increases filter life expectancy
  • Enhances filtration and aspiration system efficiency
  • Fitted with a 20″ x 30″ x 3″ drawer to collect dust and facilitate cleaning

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