Product Description
MS-200 MS-200
FLEX-MS-100 Flexible hose 2″ of 12ft
COLL-SERR-2 Hose clamp for flexible hose
BUS-2 Nozzle
SUP-MS-100 Magnetic support for the nozzle

Portable Filtration Unit – MS200


  • High suction pressure low flow for a mobile welding station
  • Enclosure constructed of 16ga plate
  • Baked electrostatic blue paint finish
  • Filter 6″ØX12″ 80% cellulose & 20% polyester with fire retardant coating (CELL-1200-FR) with an efficiency of 99.5% between 0.2μ and 2μ
  • Pressure gauge indicating the filter status
  • Pressure gauge to check the intake suction
  • Filter easy to change
  • Complete with a muffler for a quieter environment
  • Front handles for easy transport
  • Size de 11.75″x8″x26″ / 40lbs
  • Blower  120 V / 1 Phase / 60Hz
  • The blower keeps its suction for a greater period of use than the MS-100
  • 130 Cfm @ 1″ water – 60Cfm @ 60″ water
  • Current regulator to control the suction
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada
  • One year warranty on parts


Nozzle and Support Buse et Support

  • Capture nozzle for vacuum portable filtration unit
  • Capture diameter 8″
  • Magnetic support can be attached to any metal surface
  • Allows easy placment of the nozzle close to the source 


  • Compatible with a source capture MIG welding gun.
  • The current regulator allows the adjustment of the suction at the gun for optimal capture while maintaning a quality weld

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